This Spring, Portfolio Adviser is excited to bring back The Watchlist, an event designed to take you a little way off the beaten track, showcasing funds that, for whatever reason – perhaps, size, area of focus, familiarity, management team or possibly even recent performance – may not currently be on your radar

Taking place in central London, The Watchlist offers PA’s audience of top-level fund selectors a timely opportunity to reflect on a year that has reintroduced us to some old acquaintances, notably rising inflation and interest rates, alongside the shadow of war, and, not entirely unconnectedly, bouts of market volatility.

Regardless of what has happened over the course of the year – or is lurking just around the corner – it is the long term that matters to any disciplined, strategic investor. As such, The Watchlist should offer you plenty more food for thought on how best to position your portfolios, either affirming your current thinking or perhaps edging you towards some changes.

Whatever your conclusions, here at Portfolio Adviser, we trust hearing from such a broad variety of investment specialists over the course of a single day will prove a profitable use of your valuable time.


Delegates will attend a series of seminars in which fund managers will present their investment ideas.

There will be plenty of opportunities to network and exchange ideas with peers: debate and discussion are strongly encouraged.

Speakers and topics

The event comprises some of the UK’s top fund selectors and investment decision makers, and attendance is invitation-only.

Attendees will hear from a number of different fund managers across a variety of asset classes.

Asset class research

For the past decade we have been tracking the forward-looking buying intentions of top investors across the globe, and we would love to get your views!

All we ask is two minutes of your time to tell us what you are planning on doing in the next 12 months. As a thank you we will share an exclusive report which provide a snapshot of what the biggest fund-buyers expect to do with their portfolios, allowing you to benchmark your asset allocation decisions against your peers.